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Technologies & the World: What is the definition of technology?

The simple definition of technology is scientific knowledge put into practical purposes. To solve problems and invent useful tools. The Technology definition gives so many clues about what technologies really are. Although we have the Technology meaning, but do we have a mind-set of how we can use the technologies.

An image depicting how technologies are taking over the world

We all know that the Upcoming Technology is very high-tech and unmatchable. Till the end of this technology article you will get the power of analysing technologies. And also you can judge upon what is wrong and what is right.

Technologies & the World: Need for technologies

When we look around us, we see a world full of tech and gadgets. And we think about the need of technologies. On a note we found that it’s our increasing demands which give birth to technologies. It is not at all daunting for us, or for the market to keep our tech demands in front of the inventors. So, it’s true that we need technologies for our betterment. Now this need becomes a habit. We all have generated immense love towards technologies.

Seeking innovation from demands is the latest tech trend. It’s true that technologies made our lives easier and better to live. But we have to think from different aspects too. This contradicts our statements, and now we think about how we came so far in technologies.

Technologies & the World: Evolution to higher Tech

From tribes to modern civilisations, we have come so far in time. That is basically how we start inventing and developing. Inventing and developing our efficiency to produce technologies. It is historically proven that technologies and techs are always updating. We can found the footprints in Agricultural Technology . This will tell us that how rapidly we are growing in the sectors of technologies. We are not just growing we are achieving success with flying colours. This continues our journey on the road that, need is the cause of improvisation. But this led us to another contradiction, what it is all meant for?

Technologies & the World: What Science and Technology Meant For ?

Science is the mother of invention and Technologies. The techs are all scientifically proven and tested. We can also say that science give us answers of every interrogation. That is how technologies give us answers of our needs. I know we are circulating this on needs. But that’s the truth. Let us all consider a hypothetical situation. What if there will be no technologies and we are living a simple and hard-working lifestyle.

It is not possible to even imagine the absence of technologies in our life. Referring technologies here, we are not just talking about the smartphone and mobiles. It is referring to all the tech products which provide us an ease of living.

After since the technologies are invented. There are slight changes in our behaviour which affects the humanity.

Technologies & the World: Effect on Humanity


The human being is a social animal. But humanity comes from kind nature not from the innovative minds. It’s a balance containing both harms of technologies and heals of technologies. It is only because of tech that people fight together for the impairment to humanity. Yess technologies are keeping our humanity alive. It is because of technologies only that we can know about information from around the globe. We too have negative comments on this topic but it is not as heavy as the positive one. This led us to another war of words of how we adjusted with technologies?

Technologies & the World: Adjustment with technologies

We have strongly adjusted with techs. As we are moving forward with time, we are increasing the quality and power of technologies. We have suddenly change our lifestyles but with the passage of time. Technologies are settling with humans and are changing the living standards of homo-sapiens. I know the word homo-sapiens is heavy but though it is the scientific name for us only. Humans have changed as their ecosystems. Did you know the major change technologies did is to ecosystem. Our niche is adapting the changes we are making in it.

I know this article sound irrelevant now. But think like a plant not like a human. As we all know that the nature is the most important thing. But it is not daunting for nature to give an epidemic to us. It only happens when we over limit the amount of technologies on it, as it happened in Japan. We all know that Japan is the fastest growing country. But soon after the great Tsunami, it is understood. That we don’t have to trick Mother Nature.

Now as we have come so far in the journey of judging technologies. It is time to learn about how we are into technologies?

Technologies & the World: Involvement of technologies in human lifestyle

This is to bring under the kind consideration of every reader. That we are so involved in technologies, that we ought to forget our original lifestyle. Social media gives us so harm. We cannot even think about leaving it. Because we cannot leave it. As we already discussed that human is a social animal, so how can we think of leaving social media networks. Almost everyone is on Facebook. It’s not bad but are we following the trends of our original human civilization?

We consider group meet-ups and get together as the originality of our tradition. But are we following the tradition. I don’t think so…

I know the article is going at a negative point but it is necessary to open the eyes of every human. But still many awareness programmes are running on it. Can you imagine a day without your respective technologies. I know the answer is negative.


Technologies are made to give a leisure life experience to us. and as the trends and time is increasing the leisure is increasing. So many robots are there to help us. We are having so many home assistants like Alexa, Google home and many else are in the line and many more are coming.  Now the major point is coming when we are going to discuss about what we are going leave for our history.


Technologies & the World: Footprints or traces of technologies for Creating History

We now have evolved so many forms of technologies. That can create a great impact on the history of our existence. Our existence will never be questioned in future. We are also moving towards the electrifying world. And now, we can find electricity as the major source of power. Yes it is possible to run the globe on electricity rather than running it on fuels. We have unlimited sources of renewable energy, like the sun, the moon, the river, the wind and many more.

The affirmative is that we are making every single yesterday. As a successful past, or an enormous history; I know one day this information will also become a history but mankind will live forever. The thing is technologies are renewable. At the very verge of life and existence of mankind and humanity.

We have talked and discussed very much about past, now we have to think about future.

Technologies & the World: Looking forward to a sustainable future

Sustainable means to create without harming the nature and the ecosystem.

 Yes, we are looking towards a sustainable development for future. We are not just looking towards it we are creating one. Still so many forms of technologies are going to come. We are also constructing for sustainable future. The technologies of today are so advanced. That we have a need for a separate internet for tech products and robots. The IOT is also very much advanced with a combination of much advanced technologies and AI. I know the AI industry is also producing a better output. Nowadays the machines are working by themselves. We just have to put a one-time input. It is also not needed when the industry is producing a large amount of tech products.

Now we have a technology of planting trees and plants on tallest of buildings. Even we are planting it on them. The world is again becoming rich of oxygen but slowly. As the effects of Global Warming are very much high and destructive. It leads us towards a negative form of future. The world has taken the decision on a correct time and the correct moment.

We are building future, but it’s not enough. What are we doing to help the future generation to build more future?

Technologies & the World: Helping the Future Generation

Our children are what we refer as our future generation. I know most of us don’t like to talk about the future generation. But we are creating a better future for them. Is it because we still have humanity inside us or we want to have a leisurely old-age. We are also forwarding this trend in our children or else we want to.

I think at this moment one should have a clear judgement of what is going on. But still the main idea is going to force in the conclusion or the last words. So keep seated and read. It’s not that I am forcing but it’s the appreciation of your time. We are planting trees for their oxygen. We are creating space for them to live. From the past we have only learnt that we have services because of our ancestors.

I think it’s time to conclude on a point so let us all do that.

Technologies & the World: On a note

  We are thinking and we are we are getting that. I know it’s a tough statement to comment on, but comment your views. It’s your appreciation what makes a writer more confident. We all know that technologies will go and come, but humanity and mankind will live forever. We are giving a toast on it. The main motive of writing an article on technologies. Is to give awareness on technologies and the world. Till now you are judging yourselves on. I have already given so many facts and proofs for a judgemental behaviour.

It is time for you to leave your thoughts in comments for what you are judging.

Technologies & the World: Just know it

As we are increasing our needs, the technologies will increase. The increasing technologies are like a boon for the humanity and mankind. We are now can respectively judge what technologies meant to us. We thought them just as for purpose. But remember, a day will come when technologies will completely take over the world. We just have to keep our mind focused, towards mankind goals. The main motive through this article is to give a common sense for judging the technologies. Also, we have to stay aware from the properties of what we are using. The more we indulge in technologies; the fear of getting hacked will increase.

As of today, many special agencies are working for the betterment of security of user privacy. Many privacy policy have been developed under the action of these respective agencies. Every year there are many established changes occur in security norms. We are still waiting for the kind of future technologiy which can make us immortal.

We all know that it will be available to us, soon. But we cannot estimate the time in the word “soon”. Let’s face off the fact that humans are the main reason behind the invention of technologies. We put our efforts to make our dream into a reality. So, that it can provide us a wide variety of leisure and comfort situations. Technologies also provide a wide variety of gadgets. These gadgets are helping us in healing from diseases, providing us hospitality services. But it’s not true that technologies are replacing.

Keep one thing in mind that no one can replace humans. We are the one who gave birth to ideas. Ideas didn’t give birth to us. So be innovative. Keep sharing your ideas or else work on them by yourself. Comment and share your views, also, share this with your tech freak friends.

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