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Drones are the future of transportation :

We always heard of transporting humans from one place to another by air. But is it possible to transport our goods by air? Well, now it is.

Several companies have come together. To invent a technology that can transport goods from one place to another. We all have heard about Drones and also seen them. Although Drone technology is providing services in spying, photography and many more. But now we are going to see Drones in their new faces. In this article, I am delivering the possible conditions of the pros and cons of Drone Deliveries.

Practical trials are going on in various regions of the world. UAE is going to start its first government delivering system. Biometric sensors and iris scanners are included in the drones. So that the user can be authenticated. 

Let’s get started :

· In which industries drones proved their success till now?

In industries like agriculture and photography drones proved their abilities. Agriculture gets more high-tech after involving drones. Controlling of weeds and irrigation becomes easy and reliable. Photographers are also using a drone to capture aerial shots and pictures.

The biggest improvement is there in crime rates. The crime rates are reduced. As the cops are spying through drones. The drones can also go to places where cops cannot reach.

· What are the benefits of this upcoming technology?

Upcoming benefits are great to talk about. We can enjoy the improved delivering systems with drones. Government deliveries will become fast enough. Places went under calamities, can be provided with food and requirements with ease.


Medicinal help can be given anywhere and anytime. It can also benefit the army in protecting the lives of their soldiers. Regions with calamities can be provided with medicinal help very easily.

Transportation of goods and services become easy and reliable. Drones can work faster and efficiently. They can reach severe places also. Places like high mountains with steep roads are going to enjoy with more benefits.

· What are the main sectors benefited from this technology?

§ Transportation: It includes the transportation of goods and services. Transporting to typical regions will become easy. Flood-prone areas can get proper treatments and distribution of food. Talking about the future, maybe human can also be transported with drone systems.

§ Medical Industry: Very risky chemicals and drugs can be delivered with no troubles. Antidotes of severe diseases can be delivered wherever needed. Medicinal facilities can be provided to calamity-prone areas. Medicinal facilities can be provided in typical forests where doctors are not present. Small medical devices and robots can also be transported with the help of drones.

§ Army: Armies are using drone technology currently. Spying on border areas becomes easy. Trespassing of anti-nationalists is reduced. Armies are getting advance and hi-tech.

· Will, there be any increment or decrement in employment?

Increment and Decrement both will sustain together. Because if we decrease jobs in transportation. Then the manufacturer’s job will be increased. People will indulge more in the manufacturing industry. The literacy rate of the world will increase. Although people need IT degrees to accomplish the jobs.

· Will the disturbance from the voice of drones be reduced?

The harsh voice from the blades of a drone disturbs us so much. The voice of a single drone is disturbing. Then what will happen if there were hundreds of them roaming in the sky? It will simply increase the rates of noise pollution on earth. Possibly the technicians have resolved this problem, but there is no rumor of it till now. Although, the technicians are working at a very fast pace. To introduce the tech in the market as soon as possible.

The voices of Aeroplanes and choppers are not yet reduced. So the tech can get failed in the test of environmental friendliness

· Will it is available to the common man?

The rumors stated that initially, the tech is for government purposes. Then it will avail its services to the army. Then it can get towards the common man. This means that we are not getting it right now. It will take time for us to get benefitted from this.

· Conclusion:-

When we talk about tech, we need to think about the needs of the people too. This family of the drone will get quite popular. It will also resolve many days to day problems of common men. The importance of machines is already raised among beings. Now the sector of transportation will take boom. Visualizing this remote-controlled device flying in the air is quite amazing. And also imagining that one-day human can also be transported like that. Starting with government deliveries. We then set-up this device on parcels by online markets. Companies like Amazon are already prepared for the future of deliveries. And Google is also collaborating with other companies to put this product in the market.

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