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As the increasing demand of power supply is decreasing the fuels in the earth’s core. The world is moving towards the new methods of electrifying. These all methods are well known to all of us. Obviously it contains the renewable resources. But engineers and scientists are adding more suppliers in the list.

“The sun that shines, the wind that blows.

The tides in the ocean, the river which flows.

All these are electrifying, the bulb it glows.”

We all know which source is contributing and which is in the line to follow. The global summit on electricity proves that the world is moving towards better sources of power. The Earth contains enough fuel to generate power for a century. But we all know that burning of fuel creates pollution. It is likely to be the main cause for electrification of the Earth.


Here the term Electrification not only means power generation. It also states the use of electricity in vehicles and other services. Several companies are there which produce electrically operated vehicles. The major one is Tesla. But how can these be provided with power when we shortage of it?

Here are some major concerns which lead you towards a positive attitude of electrification with another resource.

  • What will happen if all the fuels get exhausted ?

Let us all just imagine that, if the fuels will be exhausted completely then the consequences will be as follows:

  1. No vehicles will be able to run until the new source will be provided.
  2. No more electricity to the houses which are running on the fuel powers.
  3. No more hot water supplies to homes in cold places.
  4. Every means of transport will be affected.
  5. Travelling between the other regions will be affected.
  6. Economic crisis will affect the world very harshly.

So, as we saw that the exhaustion of fuel will impact us very badly. Our lives seem to be on halt. So let’s take a step forward in helping government in changing the power sources.

  • Every house or building must need a Solar power kit :

It is very convenient and efficient, if we all have a solar kit which is giving power to our homes. The kit is like having one time investment. The power kit is so power full that it can light up your whole house without any fluctuation. It’s just depends on the amount of energy you consume.

The electricity expense will be reduced on a very high rate. So the kit is so profitable. The only drawback is that we have to pay for the maintenance of the kit. But as it will get famous then the expenses for the regulation will also be reduced.

  • Will the new resources be cost friendly ?

Yes, obviously. The reason behind this is that they are not in a limited form. The sun will not stop shining. Or the ocean will not stop raising tides. Or the wind will not stop blowing. Or the rivers will not stop flowing. So the thing what I want to tell you is that, if the resource is not limited. Then why the cost is going to high.

It will give a very great efficiency on your pockets. The main profit  is going to be enjoyed by poor families. They can also enjoy electricity.

  • What will happen next, if Electrification of vehicles happen in developing countries like India ?

In countries like India, companies like Tesla are going to launch soon. That directly strikes on the electrification of the country. So now a interrogation arises on managing the power source. Because the vehicles will only become popular if the electricity which has been supplied becomes pocket friendly and supply will be maintained on a regular basis.

Also it will impact the country’s economy very progressively. As the import of fuel can be balanced equally.

  • Will the globe work efficiently on unlimited resources of power?

Yeah, it will. Because there will be a large change in the consumption of fossil fuels. The geographical ratio of the globe will change. Also, we have to provide space to set up solar power plants and other resources plants. But it will be more nice enough to provide a space then to dig holes everywhere in the middle-east Asia.

  • Will there be any decrease in pollution rates ?

A huge decrease can be seen, in the pollution percentage. If we are not consuming fuel, then how can we expect pollution. the global-warming will be reduced. And it will give a nature-friendly impact on the environment. The risk of pollution prone diseases will be reduced. The air which flows will become pure. Air-borne diseases will be decreased. At least the pollution from exhausts of vehicles and chimneys of power plants can be counted in the decrement.

  • What more it will effect to the environment ?

Let’s find the answer in these points :

  1. Global warming will be reduced.
  2. Pollution will be decreased.
  3. Space will be needed to apply several power plants.
  4. If more dams will be constructed then it will cause the danger of floods.
  5. Water table will be affected badly with the construction of dams.


  • Cost friendly electricity bills.
  • Nature will be taken good care of.

As our living standards increase, so as the use of tech will. Every new change is related to a change in technology. Comprising so many techs in one will give a very fine output. Economy of countries will be increased. And the countries with higher supplies of fuels will be affected. It is necessary to electrify the globe and the electrification will lead us to a better future. The more we let our inside past be free to move out. The more we can enjoy the future and its advancements.

Let’s start electrification with our homes by applying a solar power kit on our roofs. It will not only profit you. But, also it will be profitable for our mother nature.

So welcome to the new era of ELECTRIFYING the new world.

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