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Making Money Online: Top 13 Awesome Ways

making money online

If you want to earn money, then don’t work hard, work smart

The above words are very famous in the world of the rich community. Though I also believe in them, that is why I am sharing these great ideas on making money online. Below mentioned are some legitimate money making opportunities.

There are several articles on making money online topic. But still every time I read an article I found something missing in all of them and that is the explanation. This article ahead is going to provide you the best explanation of how to make money online. The reader is suggested to read the article till the end, to find out the ways of making money online. Also, you are requested to comment on your views in the comment section.

making money online

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Philosophy during making money online

One should be very much prepared to complete the tasks assigned to him/her. Although the tasks are very easy, they should not be taken as granted. Otherwise, it will not give you fruitful results. Making money online is as easy as surfing the internet.

The more you work the better income you can outsource from it. Moreover, you can live a wealthy life with your running education or full-time job or a part-time job.

 Making Money Online: Basic Requirements

  • A laptop or computer
  • An internet connection
  • An email account (The best results are with Gmail)
  • A bank account (Either yours or your parents)
  • Online Payment account (Advisable is Paypal)
making money with computer

 Top ways to make money online

Making Money Online: Get Paid to Search the Internet

This idea is proposed by; you can find this reward website on Google, Yahoo or Bing. This site gives you real cash, not the swag or points. You just have to put a simple extension or add-on button on your browser. Then whenever you search, search on the button clicked. So as you get the cash rewards

Everyone wants to work with easiness. This kind of job in which you just have to surf the internet to complete the task is a dream for every job worker. This kind of job is one of the most convenient ways of making money online.

As soon as you open the search result you’ll see that each result has a reward attached to it. Just open the result and collect your reward. Moreover, there is no minimum threshold to the cash-out policies. You just have to fill in your PayPal account details and you will get the cash. Also, there is an option which lets you donate the cash or rewards to the charity.

It feels good when you help in a noble cause.

Sign up to it

Making Money Online: Online Surveys For Cash

An irresistibly increasing job; it pays you after answering some of the questions and surveys. Research companies or the companies which are continuously working in the field of development of the internet posts their surveys. Many people who fall under the categories of the survey queries can participate in these jobs. These companies are regularly hiring new members to take part in surveys or test new products.

Just spend some minutes in filling the forms and details and get your rewards or cash.  You can earn up to 5$ for some of the surveys.

Some few and best survey sites are mentioned here, try them.

Toluna, LifePoints, InboxPounds, i-Say, OnePoll, PanelOpinion, New Vista, Survey Junkie, YouGov, PineCone, SurveyBods, Hiving, Panel Base, Prolific, Swagbucks

Consider Swagbucks on priority as it also rewards for simply surfing the net, playing games or watching videos.

Making Money Online: Review Website and Apps for Capital

Capital is the biggest need for people. But the people who work smartly doesn’t lack in making money. One of the best way to make money online id to review websites and apps and earn 10$ for each review. I know it sounds insane but it is true. is one of the best websites which provides you the chance to get paid to test or review. You just have to give your views on an app or a website and get your payment directly in your PayPal account.

Simply sign up here and get a test or example review passed and start earning daily money.

Making Money Online: Write your own Book/eBook and Publish it

Most of us have great writing skills but lacks in showcasing part of it. Amazon Kindle is the best way to showcase your writing talent to the world. Now you can also publish a book and start earning the profits. We all have a story to tell, just put it down in words and become an original and official writer.

Also, we can see that the global market is very huge for Kindle users; as it is available on almost every device. List your book on Amazon Kindle and earn up to 70% on the sale. We writers are good at researching. Simply pile-up your research. Put it down in a form of e-book and publish it on Kindle.

The keys to your success in making money online are might be hidden in your research.

Making Money Online: Start your Own Website

I, you or we; all want to sit and earn. Or we can say we all want to have a passive income. You can start a website in less than 30 minutes, even an old age man can initiate for a website.

Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, are some of the several hosting providers which can help you in setting up a website. Their mind-blowing helpers, help at any point in time.

Just think of, what you can provide to the world? Or what values your product proposes in front of the world?

Create a theme according to your manifesto and shoot it in front of the world.

Making Money Online: Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever been through with people selling products on social media, or on a blog or on a website which is not owned by them; if Yes, then you have through an affiliate marketer.

We are taking it as a very brief introduction of affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, people used to work as a product seller, and sell products on their social media platforms or blogs or websites.  These companies will provide them their commission on the percentage of the sale they provided to the company on that particular product.

You can join an affiliate marketing group right now as a publisher on the Awin network. Just sign up on it and post your tracking link to the people and start earning the commission.

You can also move the link to your website and start earning there.

Making Money Online: Trade and Earn Profit on Domain Names

Domain name trading is also very trendy nowadays. It is the best and the most secure way of making money online. You just have to sign up on domain name providers or hosting providers and buy some domain names in cheap prices(whether they are in offers or not, but the target for the cheap and most popular name).

After buying you just have to relax and wait for a month or two. Then go to a website called and check for the market value of your domain and put it in the auction. T5his kind of trading will give you the best profit. You just have to aim for popular and cheaper domain names.

Making Money Online: Use Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best places to offer value in return for money. You just have to create a gig on it and start selling the work you are good at.

From writing and selling your articles or poems to an offline part-time job, you can offer any work in which you have an interest.

There are many examples, which are making a very good income from Fiverr. It is also one of the best ways of making money online.

Making Money Online: Work with “Click worker”

If you want to earn money online by completing tasks, then this one is the perfect source of online earning for you. you just have to go through some forms on and give your basic information like your basic language, and then you are started with online money making. They are likely to give you data entry tasks, form filling or web research.

You will be paid in cash via PayPal on your terms, for what will you work and when will you work.

Making Money Online: Critic-al Review

Have you ever wondered for a job, where your role plays as a detective or critic and secretly went to a place and rate or review the product or service? There are so many apps and websites which gives you the freedom to do so.

This is like a game in which you are playing an undercover cop to rate the services. Also, you have to collect the pieces of evidence (photos or videos) and you have to give the feedback or answer some easy and basic questions. Sounds Fun….

What are you waiting for? Start making money online

Making Money Online: Music Review

We all have a musician inside us, who is ready to fly, every time it hears a tune or rhythm. So, why only listen to music, why not review them?

Slice-the-Pie is the app to do this work and make some money online. On average you can make at least 10$ a week. You just have to listen to a song and give feedback on it. The feedback window will appear after 90 seconds. The more detailed review you write, the more money you get.

All the songs on the website are by new singers or bands. So let’s start making some capital from doing our favorite thing

Making Money Online: “Get Paid to” Sites

From the name itself, one can easily determine the kind of work proposed in this job. It is more alike online survey sites. Also, they provide you with several tasks, and in return, they reward you with cash and vouchers.

Most of the online survey sites are also GPT sites. The best of them are Toluna, InboxPounds.

Making Money Online: Sell your Precious Notes

There are several ways to earn online in a very positive manner. If you are good at studying and writing notes of your own, you can sell them online. Websites like Nexus Notes or Stuvia are free to sell your notes, but they tend to cut some profit from your share

These sites allow to upload your notes along with the price and when anyone downloads them you will get paid.

Make sure your notes are typed in a very appropriate and interactive manner so that the reader will like your work.

Bonus and Popular Ways to Make Money Online

Making Money Online with Blogging

The best and the oldest online earning source. Blogging is the biggest data and meta-data producing industry. Thousands of new blogs with freshly updated data have been published daily.

Blogging is the most crucial source of information for every search engine. You can start a blog easily in just 5 Minutes by clicking some buttons and filling some basic information.

After starting a blog you just have to publish ads and endorsements on your blog and start making money online.

Making Money Online: Freelancing

surveys for cash

If you want to work for your passion and start making money, then start freelancing. Just make an account on, Upwork, Fiverr and many more.

There is no such job in the world, on which freelancing cannot be done. If you are passionate about your work and want to work as your own boss then this is the best idea of earning.

Making Money Online: You Tube Creator

If you are a person who wants to earn money as well as popularity then start making youtube videos. There are already so many terms and conditions now for the monetization process to start on the youtube channel and also you will be paid an amount on per 1000 views. But if you work hard on making videos and improvising your creations day by day, then every policy of youtube will be very easy for you.

money from home free

There is no age limit in this job, anyone can start a channel or page on YouTube, but your content should be managed and created with the limits of YouTube creation policies.

If you gonna start a YouTube Channel then first just go through with the policies of YouTube.

Making Money Online: Sell your Captured Photos

It is a free online money making opportunity for photographers or for those who love to capture photos. Try uploading your photos on Shutter Stock, Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

You just have to create more biddable image content and that’s it get a successful bid on it and enjoy the money. Remember Do not put any sort of image and expect to get money on it. Only the valuable images will be sold out.

Making Money Online: Sell your Knowledge

If you are a person with a piece of very great knowledge in one of an educational field, then this is a very legitimate way of making extra money.

money making opportunities

Thanks to Udemy, that is helping the tutors in making money with no money. You can create an online teaching session on literally anything, and get paid after the user or your student buys the course.  You can expect to earn more than 15$ an hour if you are successful in making a very good tutorial of anything.

Making Money Online: In the End

We have been through several online money making ideas. These companies or all the above-mentioned methods work on the ideas of earning to everyone. These are the top and guaranteed money making ideas online available. As we know money basic necessity for every one of us. I have also mentioned the Bonus part which only contains the long term ways of making money. You need to work hard for making money from them.

Happy Money Making Online.  

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