Where will Technology be 1 year from now ??

upcoming technology

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Upcoming Technology modifies itself with the increasing demand of the market. We are changing tech products and gadgets with time. But the interrogation in the topic is “How far can technology go in 1 year?”. We are going to find out the optimism of our speed of moving towards the era of modernization. We can see that with the increasing generation, demands are also increasing. It’s a nature of human being of keep changing as per its demands.

Upcoming technology

Several questions came in mind after reading the title. In this article, we are giving a prediction on the basis of rumors and non-rumors. So let’s get started.

Upcoming Technology:

5G will roll over India in full throttle.

Everything will become more compatible. Devices will become more micro and provide better user expertise.

•  AI laws will be going to show up.

New laws in privacy concern for users are going to be added.

Experiencing TV’s will become more thrilled.

The Upcoming era is smarter and superior to the past.

Advancement of medical technologies.

AI will become more human-friendly.

The industry of Augmented Reality will take a boom.

Transparency of user experience will come into shot.

Robots are going to take place of humans in armies.

Security patches will be booming around the year.

Prosthetics are going to take an advanced level

Environmental friendly technology will increase energy generation.

Water will become the new fuel for vehicles.

Battery vehicles are going to rule over fuel vehicles.

Internet of things (IoT) is going to be introduced.

Virtual Assistance will help many beings.

Robotic Assistance will take the next step. It will be introduced in houses as well as in hospitals.

Surgeries are going to perform by robots and machines.

Non-Operative methods will give the medical industry a boom.

3-D printing will print more efficient things.

Development of artificial human body organs will take place.

The drone will be introduced in the transportation business.

Education will step toward the next level. With the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Assistance for specially-abled people will be introduced in the market.

The dream of getting into space is going to become a reality. Space tours are being planned for non-astronauts.

Automated-Driving cars are going to visit the market soon.

Foldable screens are introduced in the market. This kind of screens is going to be visible on TV and more smartphones.

Fingerless touching Monitors are going to become a new trend.

Firefox is going to launch its OS in the market. Now it’s time to turn the tables for iOS and Android.

• Supercomputers can possibly be seen in the market. And can get available for common people.

Supercomputers will take a form of a compact device. And thunderstruck the market very hard.

3-D printing will become a part of architectural construction and designing.

• 3-D integrated circuits will meet the increasing demand of user expertise.

Cognitive abilities like creating an artificial brain have been started.

Gesture recognition technologies will be added in tech.

Li-fi which will transfer data in the speed of light.

New methods of burying dead will take place, which will be environment-friendly.

Tissue regeneration will take a boom. It will give humans the ability to regenerate their dead organs.

Airless-tyres can be seen rolling over the roads.

Jetpacks can be used in real life transportation facilities.

Reusable launch systems can save a countries finance and economy.

Maglev trains will be introduced in several more parts ofthe world. Offering high-speed transportation. And will save time.

Militaries will be armed with more technological ammo-nations.

A smart speaker likes Amazon Echo… will go a step further.

Digital data of DNA will be stored to improvise medical science.

Ultra-high definition televisions are the new project of TV companies.

Detection of odors and flavors can be measured on scales.

Plastic which can get decomposed will get into use.

Sea-weed products are changing the environment, and turning nature into the no-plastic zone.

•  Domes will become new homes.

All the techs and future issues were written above are sounding awesome. We can enjoy almost every mentioned product. Some of it will still lack quality and user-friendly experience. But somehow humanity is going to manage the tuff.

Humans will soon reshape the faults according to the habitat and demands. Imagination gives innovation. If we can imagine it, then we can generate it. The year ahead is full of amazing surprises and shocking news’.Maybe an amazing alien discovery takes place. Which will open so many secrets of the magical space?


Whether we use the upcoming technology or not. But we get thrilled each time we heard about it. And getting a chance of implying them in our life makes us feel fortunate.

Possibly the dream of immortality can also be achieved by the future generation. Or semi-immortality can give us a shot.

Till then we are going to enjoy the futuristic world ahead.

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