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Content Creation is a major concern for bloggers. Perfect content creation is a dream for every blogger. In this article, we are going to discuss about content creation tips and hacks. And how I generate perfect content for my blogs and websites;

Content creation is not only important for bloggers, but for YouTubers too. Every industry must create content which is loved by its readers. Content creation is the most important factor. Content Creation decides your site ranking in search engines. It also creates an impact on SEO whether good or bad.

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Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.[1] Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”[2] for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media. A Pew survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world. Refernces Wikipedia

Content Creation like a Pro: In this Article

We are going to learn about the tips for the perfect content creation. We will also learn about some free tools which will help us in creating a perfect content. After executing all these ideas you will manage to create a perfect content for your website or blog.

content creation

Content Creation like a Pro: Keyword Analysis

The words are heard everywhere. But it is true to perform a keyword analysis for perfect content creation. Keyword analysis provides us the way to get to the perfect keywords. These keywords will help us formulate the content around them. You need to go the keyword planner of Google or other tools.

After downloading the keyword reports, you have to place in the correct order. The order can depend upon the competition or volume, it varies.

 If you find keyword researching tough; then contact us. We will do the tough work for you.

Keyword is the factor on which the search engine queries work. So, try getting good volume keywords with a less competition structure. It is the only method for your article, to boost in Google search rankings. The content creation with perfect SEO depends upon keywords primarily. Target the keywords as per the above-given guidelines. Then try to use them on highlighted places. The targeted places are mentioned further in the article. So, we will get to know about them in the following paragraphs.

Content Creation like a Pro: Plan your Article

After the keyword research, start planning your article. A well-planned plot works finer, other than writing free handily. Content creation works only when if you plan the plot of your article first. Planning the article is what gives your content meaning and strength.

Remember a war will be only won if you plan the terms of your victory. Content Creation stages a level-up if it is done with a better planning schema. Nothing to worry about. It’s just you have to plan the contents of your article. Like a metadata for a formulated data.

Describe your action in a brief manner. Or if you are writing an ultimate guide then dig it thoroughly. Readers want to have everything on hand. So provide them with a better and proper navigation of theme or menu. I am not talking about the external menus.  I am referring to the internal links and external links.

So try giving proper and relevant set of links in your article. Avoid using improper taglines. That is why planning is must for your article or content. A plot should be there with you when you are writing your content. The shape of your content will be properly carved out if it was planned before executing.

Content Creation like a Pro: Start Writing

Remember you are writing a blog post. So, use keywords in a better form. The crawler will focus on your first 100 words. So try making it more attractive and the focus point of the content. Next in line is how you give headings. Use phrases that explain the content clearly in the mind of readers. Don’t write useless content. Because, no one will ever read that. Readers are your customers that are providing business to you. So try to impress them with your rich content. Mistakes taught us very well. So do not worry if you create 5 to 6; less worthy article initially. It is your future preparation, so don’t get demotivate and never leave blogging.

Try to use your vocabulary on the fullest. Increase your vocabulary skills in time, because it will help you the most. Increase your reading skills; it will help you in grabbing new words and phrases.

Content Creation is a good set of vocabulary. Increase it wisely and use it in a creative manner.  Put you content initially in not less than 800 words. Then with every article increase your word limit by 50 words. The goal of increasing word limit can be arranged by you. Remember to write at least two articles a week. You can go for more, but initially plan for two articles a week. If you are making videos then plan for at-least two of them a week or more (it depends).

Content Creation like a Pro: Time for Hemingway Check

After writing or creating your content check your Hemingway score. The link to the website is given here, Hemingway App

Aim for a score of less than 5. I know “5” is tough but you have to go for it. Checking your Hemingway score, improvise the quality of your content. Content creation works on several factors, these all are summoned up in Hemingway editor.

You just have to copy the whole content and paste it in the Hemingway editor. Then on the blink of the eye, the editor shows you your score with the corresponding corrections. Correct those recommendations and aim for your targeted score.

Always keep one copy for backup, if in case the editor becomes faulty. This has never been happened yet but still for the worst case scenarios. Hemingway help you in making your article more easy and more readable to the user. As mentioned above, aim for a score less than or equals to 5.

Content Creation like a Pro: Now it’s time to Grammarly

content creation

After checking your content on Hemingway. It’s time to pull it on Grammarly. It is a free application that will correct your grammatical mistakes. No one is perfect in Grammar. So why not check and make it perfect for our content. Content creation makes a great impact on your SEO. The lack of grammatical sense, can make your content poor in reading and accessing. So if we are having a facility that takes not more than 10 minutes; then why not we use it.

Approaching to a higher grammatical sense. Can impress a high variety of readers which comes from search engine.

Content Creation like a Pro: Check for any Plagiarism

We are now at the verge of completing our manual process of content creation. After checking Grammarly, let us check if our article is unique or not.

We can do it with a very easy process. Just use the Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools. You can find the link here Plagiarism Checker.

Content creation will only be fruitful if the content is marked as unique. Search engines will only boost that content that is unique and contains quality. Just copy and paste your article in the given text area. You can also upload the doc file there. After that click the button of “Check Plagiarism”, in less than 5 minutes your article is checked. A detailed report is shown there, to inform you if there is any recommendation. Clear all your plagiarism if any. If not then you are all set to upload your article.

The best practices for perfect SEO is to create unique content. The more uniqueness you will provide. More readers will engage to your blog. If your site will have more visitors then Google will boost your search engine ranking.

Content Creation like a Pro: Upload the Article

Now it’s time to showcase your content creation skills to the world. Upload the article on your blog and remember the upcoming tips.

  • Interactive content should be your key focus.
  • Apply images to your content to make it more engaging.
  • Images added in your content should free from copyrights.
  • You can find such images on Google or on Pintrest.
  • More often you can use other tools, that will provide you such kind of images.
  • Add description to every image.
  • Add alt attribute to every image.
  • The alt attribute should be your focus keyword. You can also apply long tail keywords in it.
  • The keyword you want to rank upon is the content of alt attributes of every image.
  • Place the images on the right position.
  • Don’t stuff images in your content. Add descriptive images, which engage users.
  • Try to write a content that is shared by users.
  • Remember to ask your audience to comment. Or you can ask a question relevant to your article to get more engagements.

Now it is time to reveal the keyword practices for perfect SEO. Content creation is important, but placing your keywords in the right position is the must.

content creation

Content Creation like a Pro: Best Keyword Practices

  • The keyword should be places in the titles of article.
  • The title should be copied and pasted in every heading. You can see as I have done in the complete article.
  • Use of keyword should be there in the first 100 words of the article.
  • Your meta tags should contain keywords.
  • Meta description must be containing the keyword.
  • Internal links are made on the specific keyword. The keyword containing the link should be related to that article.

The above mentioned properties should be taken in extreme care. Don’t just skip yet, there is more following in the way. Read this article till the end for getting best SEO practices of Content Creation.

Content Creation like a Pro: Conclusion

Now that you have created and uploaded the article, apply the keywords to the points that are mentioned. It is time to publish the article. Always remember the following to get a fantastic rank for your article on the Search engine. The following practices will help your content growing rapidly.

  • Never stuff keywords in your content. If it is done, then your content can be penalized.
  • Search engines always want unique content, provide them that only. Never copy anything from others.
  • You can inspire your skills from others. But never copy them or their work.
  • Correct choice of images can bring more visitors to your blog.
  • Always remember to check the keyword analysis.
  • Slowly try to increase your vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Increase your word limit by every passing article.
  • Make your content so much interactive that user cannot leave your site without subscribing to it.
  • If you want to stand in the line of competition then you have to prove your content on the merits of SEO rankings.
  • If the keyword practices if done in a wrong or as a granted manner. Then your article can be lower down in the search results. Take extreme care of that.
  • As soon as you upload the article, ping it to every search engine. You can use free tools like Ping-o-Matic to do this work. you can find the link here Ping-o-Matic
  • If you want to make it rank in the Google search results. Make it crawl from Google Search Console. You can find the link for that from here Google Search Console
  • The same concept can be applied to Bing Webmaster. Here is the link for that Bing Webmaster Tools

Content Creation like a Pro: At a Glance

This is to bring in the kind information of every content creator. Your content is providing information on a particular topic. Content Creation is not as easy as it is being seen by everyone.

Let’s bind up the article by revising every point in a summarized manner.

  • Make a keyword report on the topic you want to write about.
  • Make a plot for your article. The plan should be created in such a manner, that it should guide you as you move forward in the content creation.
  • Start creating your content. This is step where originally content creation begins.
  • After completing the writing section, go for the Hemingway check of your article.
  • Clear all your faults as described by the editor. Aim for the targeted score that is Less than or equals to 5.
  • Now it’s time to check the Grammar of your article. The best tool which will be helping you out is Grammarly.
  • After checking grammar, go for the unique content check. You can use the Plagiarism Checker of Small SEO Tools.
  • If there is any fault in the last three checks, correct it right now. Because now it’s time to upload.
  • Upload your article, keeping in mind all of the specific instructions mentioned above.
  • Use relevant images but in the manner as they are stated in the above lines.
  • Now use the keyword practices with extreme care.
  • It is the time when you publish your article.
  • Always remember to share your article. You can share it simultaneously on different places. Try to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Because these are the free traffic sites.
  • The more visitors you get, the more SEO ranking will be increased.

I will for surely discuss the metrics of social media sharing and more on SEO in my other Articles.

Till then practice what the article told you about. Also comment me your problems, if any. I will reply in 24 hours. Leave your contact Email id so that it should easy for me to reply you.

Share the article with you friends who are in a situation of Content Creation. We the whole team is here and happy to help you. So don’t leave the website without subscribing us.

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